Exclusive BVR data finds tax rated as the most profitable practice specialty

BVWireIssue #73-1
October 1, 2008

Who knows how the tables will turn in light of the worsening national economy, but the good news is that when we surveyed BV professionals for our recently-released 2009 Business Valuation Firm Economics & Best Practices Survey, respondents were very optimistic about what the future would hold. Indeed, our data confirms what many know intuitively: the number of practices offering valuation services has grown at an accelerated rate. Consider too that in addition to drawing revenue from “tried-and-true” areas of specialization—like trusts and estates and family/matrimonial—the BV professionals queried were also poised to tap into new territory.

Which areas generated the most revenue? Not surprisingly, tax work was rated by 20% of survey respondents as “most profitable.” Other areas, ranked in order of respondents’ perceived profitability, include: fraud/forensic accounting (identified by 12% of respondents); fair value (10%); matrimonial/family (9%); and healthcare, transactions, shareholder disputes (tied at 8%). For more information: Deluxe BVU subscribers can glean additional insights on the profession as outlined in our survey by downloading a free executive summary. To get your copy, login to BVLibrary, then click here.

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