Exciting opportunities in oil and gas valuations

BVWireIssue #130-4
July 31, 2013

Development and investment in shale plays, the application of new technologies, increased M&A, and a growing number of oil and gas mineral rights holders who need gift and estate tax work create exciting opportunities and challenges for business appraisers and financial analysts appraising oil and gas companies.

New special report: Guidance From the Experts: Valuing Oil and Gas Entities dives into discussions of the unique characteristics and considerations owners and valuation professionals should consider when deriving value estimates for all companies along the oil and gas value chain.

Chapters authored by valuation experts in this field include:

  • Top value drivers in the oilfield services industry;
  • Best approaches to valuing oil and gas companies;
  • Valuations with and without reserve reports;
  • Using oil and gas royalty reports when valuing minority interests;
  • Valuing mineral and production rights; and
  • Current state of Marcellus Shale.
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