Everything you’ve always wanted to know about BV…

BVWireIssue #52-3
January 17, 2007

…And now all you have to do is ask: We’ve just launched the *updated* BVPapers™, the most comprehensive site for all your valuation research needs. The searchable database contains thousands of pages of BV-specific studies, conference presentations, legal abstracts, valuation reports, and more. New and noteworthy additions include:

  • Expert presentations and speakers’ materials from the most recent (2006) national and international BV conferences, including AICPA and CICBV;
  • Copies of the expert valuation reports used by both the taxpayer and the IRS in the landmark Kohler v. Commissioner (Tax Court, July 2006);
  • Latest court case abstracts, summarizing key valuation issues and decisions;
  • “Pullout” sections from BVR’s Special Guides and Reports—including our top-seller, BVR’s Guide to DLOM Case Law;
  • Transcripts of BVR’s telephone conferences and related presentations and reading materials.

Here's just a sampling of what to expect from the new and improved BVPapers: A paper and accompanying PowerPoint presentation, “Private Equity Groups: What Do They Look For?” by Owen Johnson, from the AICPA National BV Conference (December 2006). Or also from the AICPA conference, an article by Jay Fishman, “Fair Value in Dissenting and Oppressed Shareholder Matters: How to Avoid Minefields.” Or still another—Bill Black's, “Valuing Professional Practices—Thorny Challenges,” originally presented at the June 2006 IBA Symposium, and updated for posting in BVPapers to include subsequent USPAP changes.

Click here to visit the database and get a free download of Johnson’s Private Equity article and presentation.

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