Duff & Phelps data elevated to same level as Ibbotson’s

BVWireIssue #56-4
May 23, 2007

“We just last week elevated Duff & Phelps to equal status with Ibbotson’s” said Jim Hitchner at the Illinois CPA Society meeting in Chicago.  “I resisted this,” he added, referring to the time it took to study and synthesize the D&P Risk Premium Report data.  But with its eight size categories and other features, “it has a lot more flexibility than Ibbotson” (now published by Morningstar).  

“I’m not ready to give up Ibbotson,” Hitchner added, “but I predict that Duff & Phelps will be on equal status in the next few years.”  To purchase the 2007 Risk Premium Report as well as historic editions, click here.  And note: Beginning with the June 2007 issue, the BVU will start running Duff & Phelps data in its “Cost of Capital” corner—featuring four different size measures—right alongside Ibbotson data.  For a preview, click here.

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