CPE events

BVWireIssue #137-4
February 26, 2014

Advanced Workshop on Control Premiums & Discounts (February 27), featuring James Alerding (Alerding Consulting) and James Ewart (Dixon Hughes Goodman). This intensive, four-hour workshop will present the profession’s most complete look at a complex and persistent set of challenges: recognizing, determining, and applying adjustments for control. Attendees will learn how simple considerations of cash flow, goodwill, and marketability and basic choices in the level of value and valuation approach can affect—and be affected by—discounts and premiums for control.

Two more installments in the Advanced Webinar Series on Reporting & Testimony:

  • How to Succeed as a Jointly Retained Expert (March 7), featuring William Morrison (WithumSmith+Brown) and John Johnson (SaxBST). Learn how to succeed as a neutral, court-appointed expert when working with both parties and the court.

  • New date: Omissions & Commissions: Errors, Challenges & Solutions in Business Appraisal Reports (March 12), featuring L. Paul Hood Jr. (The University of Toledo Foundation) and Timothy Lee (Mercer Capital). This program, previous scheduled for February 28, will feature expert Lee and attorney Hood in an examination of professional guidelines, judicial decisions, and real-world examples compiled into a must-attend presentation on how to avoid the most common and mortal mistakes in business appraisal reporting, be they by omission or commission.

Challenges in Measuring the Fair Value of Intangible Assets (March 4), featuring Robert Reilly (Willamette Management Associates). The third installment of BVR’s Online Symposium on Fair Value Measurement examines the process and procedures by which intangible assets are valued for fair value purposes. With guidance from ASCs 820, 805, and 350 and Reilly’s professional experience and expertise, this is a must-attend presentation.

Utilizing the Implied Private Company Pricing Model: The Cost of Capital Wizard (March 5), featuring Robert Dohmeyer (Dohmeyer Valuation Corp.), Peter Butler (Valtrend), and Rod Burkert (Burkert Valuation Advisors). In November 2013, Dohmeyer and Burkert unveiled the implied private company pricing line (IPCPL), a model for estimating cost of capital for private businesses whose revenues are less than $150 million. On March 5, they return with Butler to unveil the implied private company pricing model (IPCPM), a derivation of IPCPL that adjusts for companies with outlier fundamental characteristics and allows for a departure from the IPCPL.

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