Cosby’s value permanently damaged, says Variety

BVWireIssue #177-4
June 28, 2017

In the Michael Jackson estate tax case, a valuation expert argued that allegations of child molestation had so tainted the pop star that his name and likeness had a low value at the time of his death (coverage here). This notion of permanent damage has surfaced in the case of Bill Cosby. Although the jury could not reach a decision, Cosby is finished in Hollywood—no matter what happens in the retrial, according to Variety, the industry’s longtime leading trade paper. Amid allegations and reports of his past behavior, all of the planned deals with Cosby fizzled, including a development pact with NBC and a Netflix special geared to the younger generation. His agent also dropped him. Regardless of how the new trial turns out, Cosby’s fall from grace is “irreversible,” says the article.

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