Congrats to 2011 NACVA/IBA award winners

BVWireIssue #105-3
June 15, 2011

Kudos to leading volunteers and “Wall of Fame” award winners from NACVA this year:

  • John Marcus received the “Circle of Light” award for educational contributions.
  • Greg Gadawski was honored with the Instructor of the Year award.
  • Mark Kucik earned the Thomas Porter Lifetime Achievement Award.
  • Outstanding members include Peter Agrapides, Ed Giardina, David Mensel, Mark Pawlowski, Greg Reardon, Judith Wagner, David Wood, and Howard Zandman.
  • In a sweep for the Northeast, Kathleen Buzbee, Ed Heben, and Nick Nichols received the State Chapter President Leadership awards. 
  • Lari Maston and Howard Zandman are the newly appointed members of the NACVA Executive Advisory Board.

A special nod to the volunteers on this year’s 2011 Planning Committee: Chair Mel Abraham and members Steve Egna, Mike Kaplan, Karen Kaseno, and Sherry Smith; and a final round of applause to Marc Bello, who chaired the day-long Current Update in Valuations Symposium.

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