Company-Specific Risk Calculator goes live

BVWireIssue #62-2
November 14, 2007

With each article, conference presentation, and hands-on demonstration—most recently at the ASA BV conference in San Diego, where an extra demo was added to accommodate the demand—the developers of the Butler Pinkerton Model™ for calculating company-specific risk premiums (CSRPs) have attracted more followers and won over any remaining detractors.  In fact, one of the last criticisms was that the calculations were too complex or took too long.  “Well, not any more,” says Pete Butler.  The developers have just launched the Company-Specific Risk Calculator™ to quantify CSRPs using market-derived, empirical data. 

Available exclusively through BVResources, the new web-based CSR Calculator takes minutes to perform the work that might otherwise take hours to complete—and provides defensible support for this critical element of company valuations.  It’s a quantum improvement over subjective, “factor-based” models, and it provides analysts (and attorneys) a new element by which to critique reports which don’t use market-driven data to calculate CSRPs.  Take a look at the new Butler Pinkerton Company-Specific Risk Calculator here.

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