Challenges to financial experts have more than doubled since 2000

BVWireIssue #77-4
February 25, 2009

PricewaterhouseCoopers’ recent 2000-2007 Financial expert witness Daubert challenge study examined 3,681 Daubert challenges to expert witnesses of all types in federal and state courts during the years 2000-2007 and found that “the number of per-year challenges rose from 251 in 2000 to 704 in 2007, an overall increase in spite of a slight dip in the number of challenges between 2006 and 2007 — 741 challenges in 2006 (an all-time high) versus 704 challenges in 2007.”

The point:  As we approach the ten year anniversary of the Supreme Court's Kumho Tire decision (originally decided March 23, 1999), the protection against challenges to a financial expert’s testimony, valuation opinions, and the appropriate measure of disclosures during the discovery process has become a topic of discussion that no BV expert can ignore—particularly as the full weight of the federal rules regarding the preservation and production of electronic evidence have started taking effect.

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