BVR will debut flexible eLearning courses

BVWireIssue #175-3
April 19, 2017

We no longer schedule our lives around when content is delivered. For example, when we watch TV, we use services such as Netflix or Hulu to stream our favorite shows based on our schedule. “BVR is bringing that same flexibility and user control to education for appraisers with its new eLearning platform,” Jared Waters, BVR’s training director, tells BVWire. “It allows us to pull in our best content, such as videos, slide decks, and articles, and then lets users control how long they spend learning and what they focus on.” Leading valuation experts are helping to shape the curriculum for appraisers around the world. Here are some of the initial offerings:

  • Monte Carlo: This is a perfect topic that lends itself to eLearning. “This is a wide-ranging and complex topic, and it is very difficult to do a comprehensive treatment in a live format,” says Waters. “The eLearning format allows us to pack in nearly nine hours of lecture and over 30 downloadable templates for different applications. You can digest the material at your own pace, which is critical for comprehension.”
  • Excel: “Despite it being the most used software in valuation, there is very little training on Excel,” says Waters, who points out that this course focuses on efficiency. “Being able to increase efficiency for small actions you do many times a day everyday will be a tremendous help in easing your workload.”
  • IVS 2017: “We have partnered with the International Institute of Business Valuers (iiBV) on a great course covering the new IVS 2017 standards, and the course will be available May 1,” says Waters. “This is a great example of the power of online learning in its most flexible form. These standards just came out in February, and we’ll have a comprehensive course that valuation professionals around the globe can access. It really democratizes and speeds up the dissemination of information in a way that traditionally learning simply cannot do.”

Stay tuned for more announcements of future eLearning offerings!

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