BVR now offers Vertical IQ industry research

BVWireIssue #196-2
January 16, 2019

industry analysis
economic forecast, industry analysis, valuation report

When BVR conducted a survey of business valuation firms, a new provider appeared when we asked about the industry research sources respondents use: Vertical IQ. The co-founders of Vertical IQ are Bobby Martin, who serves as president, and Bill Walker, who is EVP of product strategy. They both have backgrounds as financial professionals before turning to research. Martin was a co-founder of First Research, which provides industry intelligence tools, and Walker led the research team at First Research.

We spoke with Martin about Vertical IQ and asked him what distinguishes it from other similar products. “Vertical IQ is a very easy-to-use service that focuses on the financial aspects of how firms operate in a particular industry, such as how cash flow and capital spending works,” says Martin. “We go into a fair amount of depth on a number of other financial aspects, such as profit drivers. Vertical IQ also includes the perspective of small and medium-size businesses within the industries, which sets us apart from the others. Also, reports are presented in an easy-to-read format, and you can choose the level of detail you want. The reports are written in a clear, understandable way and include industry trends and forecasts, how firms operate, specific risks to consider, quarterly insights, financial benchmarks, and a great deal more. Industry reports are available for individual purchase or on a subscription basis.”

Vertical IQ currently has 390 industry profiles: 280 “full-length profiles” plus 110 specialty spotlights on niche industries.
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