BVR continues to provide valuation Insights

BVWireIssue #99-1
December 1, 2010

We’ve just posted new articles from Insights, the esteemed valuation quarterly published by Willamette Management Associates and provided exclusively to subscribers of BVResearch. The new content includes:

  • Analysis and Observations Regarding the Keller v. United States Decision (Steve Akers)
  • Estate Planning in Uncertain Times (John H. Draneas, Esq)
  • Reallocating Wealth After Christiansen: A Fresh Look at Formula Clauses (Michael E. Morden, Esq.)
  • The Application of a Multi-Level Valuation Discount in the Gift or Estate Valuation of a Tiered Entity—A Review of Relevant Judicial Precedent (James G. Rabe)
  • Recent Developments in Valuation Issues Related to Fair Value Accounting (Robert F. Reilly)
  • Income Tax Implications of Industrial and Commercial Property Mortgage Debt Restructuring (Robert F. Reilly)
  • Partnership Debt Restructuring or Renegotiation—Income Tax Planning Considerations (Robert F. Reilly)
  • Intangible Asset Identification and Valuation in The Bank and Thrift Industries (Robert F. Reilly)
  • Personal Intangible Assets and the Sale of the Closely Held C Corporation (Robert F. Reilly)
  • The Combined Discount (Robert P. Schweihs)
  • Tune Up Your Estate Plan in Anticipation of Sweeping Changes to Estate Taxes (Domingo P. Such III, Esq. and Tina Davis Milligan, CPA

With this addition, the continually updated BVResearch now boasts over 500 articles from Insights, plus a fully searchable database (by expert, topic, or specific term) of the most current valuation resources and authorities.

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