BVMarketData hits the 10K mark

BVWireIssue #59-1
August 1, 2007

As of July 31, 2007, the Pratt’s Stats® and BIZCOMPS® databases each reached the 10,000 transaction mark.  Both private transaction databases at contain financial information and selling prices on 100% closed business sales; Pratt’s Stats covers detailed financial information on sold businesses in over 700 industries and BIZCOMPS reports on sold businesses in nearly 450 industries.  While Pratt’s Stats is typically used for main street, middle market, and M&A business valuations, BIZCOMPS is most commonly used for valuing main street businesses.

More improvements to come:  With 20,000 transactions between the two databases, analysts now have access to more empirical market data from which to derive accurate and defensible conclusions of value.  We are also in the midst of improving the usability of Pratt’s Stats, including:

  • Links to source information for transactions involving a public buyer.
  • Added ability to search by either public buyers, private buyers or both.
  • Additional financial ratios and more content included in the Excel exports. 

These are just of the few planned enhancements; stay tuned for more news in September.

Please let us know if you have any comments about this article or enhancements you would like to see.