BV marketing: moving from the ‘shotgun’ to rifle approach

BVWireIssue #113-2
February 8, 2012

“Marketing tactics and best practices don’t really change much over time,” writes Barbara Price (Mercer Capital), in a recent article for the ASA members’ weekly BV E-letter. “What does change is how and where we apply them. Twenty years ago, this profession was much smaller than it is today and it was much harder to communicate with your market(s). Many firms, mine included, used a shotgun approach and relied upon senior leadership to set the goals and direction for business development and marketing.”

But “today, our profession has grown dramatically and web and social media have removed barriers to communication,” Price says. “This means that it is harder to be heard over the noise. What do you do? You focus on a niche. You expect, allow, and support all professionals in your firm in building their practices by encouraging them to take an active role in business development and marketing activities. You track progress. You adjust where necessary. Then, you keep at it.” For more advice on how to move toward smart, pinpointed marketing, Price suggests the article by Bruce W. Marcus, "Why Professional Services Marketing 3.0 Matters for Your Future and What To Do About It.”

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