BV firms look to nonfinance candidates for entry-level jobs

BVWireIssue #260-4
May 22, 2024

practice management and growth
business valuation profession, benchmark, practice management

In the face of a lack of qualified candidates to fill entry-level roles, BV firms and practices are considering nonaccounting, noneconomics, and nonfinance majors to fill these positions, according to a BVWire survey. We must point out that there was a very small sample of respondents, so we cannot draw any meaningful conclusions from the data. Be that as it may, here are more results:

  • Almost three-quarters (72%) have visited or made an informational/recruiting presentation to a college or university campus;
  • The bulk (80%) of these visits occurred a year ago or longer; and
  • Over half (57%) say they will maintain the same pace of these visits, but a third say they will increase the frequency.

This was the latest in our monthly “Two-Minute Practice Builder” surveys, and we thank those of you who participated. We will have another survey in the next issue.

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