ASA’s proposed alliances generate BV buzz

BVWireIssue #82-2
July 15, 2009

The recent BVWire™ mention, “ASA ponders enhanced relationship with CICBV and RICS” garnered an interesting comment from a subscriber who asked to remain anonymous:

I worry that the business valuation profession in the U.S. is at great risk now from three directions. The first is that the regulators will recognize the AICPA as the sole voice of the profession, because they are used to working with the AICPA. The second is that our inappropriate connection, via ASA, with the real estate appraisal business will continue to diminish our professional esteem. The third is the influx of valuation professionals prepared to offer substandard work for low fees. The ASA BV[Committee] could counter these threats best by leaving ASA, aligning with CICBV in Canada to create the first truly international association of [business] appraisers, and replacing national standards (including USPAP) with international standards. This would give the BV profession higher credibility as professionals all around.

What do you think? We here at the ‘Wire would love to know, but more importantly, the key is to read John Barton’s recent “message from the chair” column—which thoroughly points out the possible pros and cons of each option. Committees named to consider each option are scheduled to report to the ASA’s Board of Governors at this week’s International Conference in Orlando.

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