Article examines brand values, ratios, and multiples

BVWireIssue #230-3
November 17, 2021

intellectual property
brand value, intangible property, royalty rate, intangible valuation

There has been a dramatic shift in the importance of brands in M&A transactions, with the value of customer relations overtaking the brand-value-to-enterprise-value ratio, reveals a new article. Between 2003 and 2020, the share of brand value dropped by half while customer value almost doubled. The article, by Christof Binder, managing partner of Trademark Comparables AG, covers the importance of brands in corporate M&A and provides a comprehensive list of the 50 most expensive brands and brand portfolios ever acquired, including their values, ratios, and multiples. The article also discusses general trends in importance and appreciation of brands versus customer relations in M&A and country-by-country differences.

Another interesting point: The perception that brands have a very long life has changed. The average useful life assumed in the valuation of brands has decreased over time, from more than 40 years to less than 20 years today, says Binder.

To access the article, which appeared in the World Trademark Review (WTR) magazine, click here.

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