April 2024 issue of Willamette’s Perspectives is released

BVWireIssue #259-4
April 24, 2024

valuation methods & approaches
tax, gift tax, internal revenue service (IRS), control

The April 2024 issue of the quarterly digital publication Perspectives, from Willamette Management Associates, has been released, and you can access it if you click here. Willamette staff members wrote all the articles, and this latest issue includes:

  • “Control Considerations in the Valuation of a 50 Percent Ownership Interest” (Chad M. Kirkland);
  • “The Expatriation Tax: How to Present Assets to the IRS When You Say Goodbye to the United States” (Samuel S. Nicholls); and
  • “The Valuation of Controlling Ownership Interests in the Context of Gift Tax Planning” (Timothy J. Meinhart).

Nathan Novak and Meinhart served as editors for this issue.

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