Appraisers know the importance of a single letter—and of continuing education

BVWireIssue #110-1
November 2, 2011

There’s a world of difference between the IRS and IFRS. A CVA is not a CBA, just as a DLOM is never a DLOC. So when we ran a headline last week on options for “CLE” instead of “CPE”—we misplaced an important letter in the acronym for continuing education for appraisers, standing for: “Professional.” Our apologies—and here’s our current overview of Continuing Professional Education for business appraisers, to complete your year-end requirements as well as your penchant for getting all the facts, information, and important details in any valuations:

  • Judges Roundtable: View From the Bench, Part III of BVR’s Tax Summit, with Hon. David Laro, Hon. Julian Jacobs, Hon. Mary Ann Cohen (all U.S. Tax Court), moderated by Jay Fishman and hosted by Georgetown Univ. Law Center, on Friday Nov. 4.
  • Valuing a Majority Fractional Interest concludes the Tax Summit and features Neil Mills-Mazer (Internal Revenue Service), who will introduce his controversial “minority premium” model of fractional interest valuations, on Friday Nov. 11.
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