AICPA’s Parker updates aspects of ABV credential

BVWireIssue #123-3
December 19, 2012

While reviewing NACVA’s just-published credential summary, Eddy Parker, senior technical manager for the AICPA’s Forensic and Valuation Services, notes it provides a “good comparison,” but he has these additional observations:

  • The chart lists two years of CPA experience as a prerequisite for the CVA credential, yet does not indicate that both the ABV and CFF credentials require a valid, unrevoked CPA license, which in many states (depending on licensing standards) depends on similar work experience;
  • The BV experience requirement for the ABV credential is currently six engagements or 150 hours of valuation work;
  • The CFF credential does not require five years of accounting experience;
  • Footnote 6 references the ABV proctored exam, and not (as currently referenced) the CPE requirements for the CFF;
  • Currently about 5,000 appraisers hold the CFF credential and 3,100 hold the ABV;
  • Total membership in the FVS section is now approximately 7,500;
  • AICPA membership varies between $220 and $395; the chart notes only the higher amount;
  • The chart does not mention the $250 recertification fee for the CVA credential; there is no fee to recertify for the ABV or CFF; and
  • Neither ABV nor CFF holders must purchase AICPA education to maintain their credential.

Parker indicates that he will be sending NACVA his comments.

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