AICPA standards intended to resolve USPAP problems?

BVWireIssue #59-2
August 8, 2007

“I read with interest Mr. Durkin’s comments on USPAP [in last week’s BVWire™],” writes Jim Alerding (Clifton Gunderson LLP), “and his opinion that it should have been adopted by all of the ‘Societies.’  What Mr. Durkin fails to understand is that USPAP’s language is contrary in some important aspects to the language used by certified public accountants in the conduct of and reporting on audits, reviews, and compilations.  Additionally, USPAP is, and has been since its inception, extremely poorly written.  The AICPA Standards [see BVWire #57-4] were written, in part at least, to resolve both of these problems.”

Although Alerding serves on the AICPA’s Writing Task Force, his statements are his own opinions—and not those of the AICPA or Clifton Gunderson.  As always, email your comments on this topic (or any other that appear in the ‘Wire) to the editor.

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