Advice for U.S. valuers looking to do business with China

BVWireIssue #156-3
September 23, 2015

In a recent interview with Liying Han of the China Appraisal Society, Ray Moran (MG Valuation LLC) pointed out that Chinese firms have been increasing their investment in the United States. He asked Han for advice as to how U.S. valuation experts can do business with Chinese buyers.

Just the start:As you said, China’s overseas investment has been constantly expanding in recent years. However, it is just the beginning stages for Chinese firms to go global,” says Han. “Therefore, Chinese investors are not very familiar with foreign policies, economic conditions, laws and regulations, and the foreign culture. They know little about the process of overseas investment and are unable to anticipate and control the risks in a full matter. Hence, valuers are supposed to help clients to analyze the macroeconomic environment and the status quo and the trends of the targeted profession so as to grasp market features and investment opportunities, discover investment value, expose investment risks and proposed investment strategies.”

The full interview is posted on the website of the International Institute of Business Valuers.

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