ABA newsletter on option pricing, Daubert, and more

BVWireIssue #59-2
August 8, 2007

The current issue of eSource™, the monthly newsletter from the Business Law Section of the American Bar Association, features two articles of interest to valuation specialists, their clients and attorneys.  The first, on “Dealing with Problematic Practices,” identifies the “landmines” public companies may face in connection with the granting/pricing of stock options, how to handle these potentially explosive areas before (or after) they detonate, and how to avoid similar problems in the future.

The second article: “Daubert: More Important than You Think in Business Litigation,” looks at the most recent cases involving the admissibility of expert witness testimony in business disputes, especially the testimony of financial experts.  To access the August 2007 issue of eSource, click here (and scroll down about halfway to find the article links).  For complete news from the ABA Business Law section, including 2007 presentations and materials, click here.

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