A word of support for our Texas BV friends

BVWireIssue #72-2
September 17, 2008

As a result of Hurricane Ike, many BV practices and professionals located in the storm's path have had to close or adjust operations, and they may not be back to normal for a long time.   Here’s a group email we received from Will Frazier at HFBE  in Dallas that reminds us all how close to home these natural disasters can strike:  

Fortunately, our offices in Houston sustained no major damage. (Most importantly, there were few, if any, windows broken.)… Rest assured all of our data and files are secure. Our server is up as you can see from our website. Furthermore, all electronic files are backed up offsite via a web-based link.  Personally, at home, most of our Houston employees are without electricity, phone and internet service. Most cell phones are working. At the moment most are coping with their personal situations and making sure they have food, water and gas for their families. The local officials are saying it will be several days before electricity is widely restored. Accordingly, we ask you to bear with us until we get back to work in a somewhat normal manner.  In the meantime, if you need anything call us at the Dallas Office and we will do whatever we can to assist you.

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