A small thing can ruin a job interview big time

BVWireIssue #248-4
May 24, 2023

practice management and growth
business valuation profession, practice management

Competition for BV talent is fierce, so the last thing you want to do is let a good candidate get away—and the slightest thing could do it. In his latest newsletter, John Borrowman (Borrowman Baker LLC), a recruiter who has worked exclusively in the BV profession for over 20 years, points out a matter that may seem small but could make a big difference. If you bring in a candidate for an interview or a series of meet-and-greets, make sure you are there to bid him or her goodbye when he or she leaves. Sometimes, the end of the process can get awkward, and, if you’re not there to bookend the visit, the candidate could leave with a bad impression. If you can’t be there, Borrowman offers some tips on how to handle that. It’s almost certain that candidates are interviewing elsewhere, and, if “that employer handled this detail when you didn’t, you could lose,” he says.
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