A Much-deserved Plug for the ‘Behind-the-Scenes’ BV Analyst

BVWireIssue #45-2
June 14, 2006

In BVU’s write-up of Farndale Co., L.L.C. and Val Particpations, S.A. v. Folco Gibellina and Accuma, S.p.A, SA (May 2006) we failed to mention that Robert E. Faulkner, CPA, ABV, CIRA (Faulkner and Thompson, P.A. Rock Hill, S.C.) was instrumental in providing assistance to plaintiffs’ attorneys. He was also largely “invisible”—as are most BV analysts who sign on as “consultants” to a case. In the initial stages of the litigation, which began with a related but unreported case, Mr. Faulkner and his firm provided forensic accounting and appraisal review services, and logged more hours on the two cases than any other testifying expert.

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