A ‘field guide’ to BV just released

BVWireIssue #240-2
September 21, 2022

valuation methods & approaches
business valuation, income approach, market approach, valuation methods

Based on all of the questions business owners have asked them over the years, appraisers Casey Karlsen and Seth Webber of BerryDunn have put together a helpful book, A Field Guide to Business Valuation. Written in an easy-to-understand style, the book uses a case study example that winds through the entire book to clearly illustrate the valuation concepts discussed clearly. This book is designed for owners and leaders of private businesses, but it will also help valuers give clear answers to questions from their clients that they are sure to get. To see the Table of Contents and Introduction, click here. A PDF version is available now, and the print version will ship by the end of September.
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