20,000+ reasons to check out BVR and Pratt’s Stats

BVWireIssue #130-1
July 10, 2013

Pratt’s Stats, the private company transaction database from Business Valuation Resources, has passed a major milestone, amassing details of more than 20,000 private company transactions. As of June 21, Pratt’s Stats now offers 20,315 transactions. While achieving this goal is significant, the continuing quality and breadth of the data in Pratt’s Stats are even more important. Thanks to Pratt’s Stats users, BVR continues to improve the product and introduce it to valuation stakeholders beyond the business appraisal market.

“When we first created Pratt’s Stats back in 1996, I never could have imagined we would someday amass more than 20,000 sold private companies. Everyone, from the contributing business intermediaries to the wonderful staff at BVR, has put so much time and effort into this database—the results are truly amazing. Pratt’s Stats continues to be the leading private company transaction database.” —Shannon P. Pratt, CFA, FASA, MCBA, MCBC, CM&AA

Each Pratt’s Stats transaction offers up to 100-plus data points, including (when available) a detailed business description, a latest full-year income statement, asset data, a purchase price allocation, noncompete information, financial ratios, valuation multiples, and much more! Not only does Pratt's Stats offer this level of detail for each transaction, it also covers many different industries; Pratt’s Stats contains private transactions in 891 NAICS codes and 779 SIC codes. To learn more, click here.

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