Reminder: Preorder Trugman’s sixth edition

BVWire–UKIssue #33-1
December 7, 2021

The revised, sixth edition of Understanding Business Valuation by Gary Trugman (Trugman Valuation) is available for preorder for an early 2022 release. The update includes digital access to new sample valuation reports and other materials, which is why it’s been used as a training text for so many financial experts who need to upgrade their business valuation skills. Preorder Understanding Business Valuation here.

Subscribers to BVResearch Pro or BVR’s Digital Library will receive access to the book automatically as part of their subscription.

The new edition includes:

  • An expanded section on personal goodwill;
  • Additional samples for business valuation report writing, including guidance for creating rebuttal reports;
  • A companion website with access to further data and case studies; and
  • Much more.

BVR will also release training modules for every section of the 6th edition in early 2022. This will make the book a unique learning asset for any valuation firm with new business valuation employees.

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