CFA Institute ponders how to make their CFA exam ‘more accessible’

BVWire–UKIssue #5-1
August 6, 2019

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Some UK business valuators hold the CFA in addition to their other professional designations. Those CFAs will be particularly interested to learn that a fifth of CFA test-takers (22%) failed to even turn up to the difficult exams so far this year. This number has remained stable despite the CFA Institute’s (CFAI) various efforts to bring it down. If you think this is a small problem, note that more than 55,000 of the 250,000 students due to sit for the exams in June were no-shows, the CFAI reports. CFAI does not release country-specific information, but most UK CFAs and others in the finance and accountancy professions assume about 10% of all CFAs reside here.

So, for those approximately 20,000 UK CFA test-takers who actually sat for the exam, and who are set to receive their results this week, good wishes. You’re joining a group where historically only about half of the candidates sitting each level usually pass—another statistic that’s stayed steady since the early years of the CFA.

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