Business Valuation OIV Journal Fall 2019

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January 29, 2020
Mauro Bini
Stefano Giuliani
Tony Aaron
Wolfgang Ballwieser
Eric Teo
Matthias Meitner
Felix Streitferdt
Maximilian Levasier
Giorgio Donna
global business valuation
goodwill, cost of capital, size premium, weighted average cost of capital (WACC), discounted cash flow (DCF), valuation methodology, terminal value, rate of return


Business Valuation OIV Journal has been created by Organismo Italiano di Valutazione (OIV), the Italian Valuation Standard Setter, to provide a forum for discussion and to foster cultural progress in the field of business valuation. In this issue, articles include "Roundtable: 10 Big Issues in Business Valuation"; "The Limits of Accounting Rates of Return and the Calibration Trap in Applying Accounting-Based Models in Modern Business Valuation Practice"; and "Connecting Economic Value to Company Strategy: Critical Issues and New Perspectives."
Business Valuation OIV Journal 2_2019
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