How to Value a Non Stand Alone Business

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American Society of Appraisers Business Valuation Review™
Summer 2004 Volume 23, Issue 2 pp. 78-80
Pawel Cyganski, ASA, ACCA


The article discusses the methods and approaches appropriate for the appraisal of a non stand alone business. A non stand alone business is a business which has lost its business independence in favor of its controlling entity. Normally, the key business decisions for a non stand alone business are made by its parent and the majority of sales and purchases are made within the group. As a non stand alone business does not fully control its own income stream, using the income approach to value the business is burdened with a high level of uncertainty. Consequently, the income approach may not be treated as a basis of value recommendation. In addition to the income method the author recommends three other approaches to appraise a non stand alone business and discusses their applicability and limitations. A small case study of a non stand alone business valuation is attached at the end of the article.
How to Value a Non Stand Alone Business
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