Appraisal Review: What It Is, What It's Not—And Why It Matters

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American Society of Appraisers Business Valuation Review™
Winter 2018 Volume 37, Issue 4 pp. 138-143
Jack Young, ASA, CPA
valuation report
american society of appraisers (ASA), uniform standards of professional appraisal practice (USPAP)


The purpose of this article is to clarify what appraisal review is and is not, according to USPAP Standards 3 and 4, and the ways in which appraisal review education can be of benefit to appraisers and ultimately benefit the users of the appraisals. Further discussion includes the qualities that determine credibility of an appraisal, the importance of focusing on the review and critique of a specific appraisal report rather than the appraiser, and the importance of appraisal review education for appraisers who perform review. The ASA offers an accreditation in appraisal review that is of benefit to both the appraisal profession and the public at large.
Appraisal Review: What It Is, What It's Not—And Why It Matters
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