Painting Companies: What's Your Business Worth? (PDF Delivery)
Painting Companies: What's Your Business Worth? (PDF Delivery)
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After a long lull, construction and home buying, along with remodeling activity are on the rise. The news is good for painting companies. They are reaping the benefits of an improved economy. With this improving industry landscape, contractors need to know how to create more value in their painting companies to get the most when they are ready to sell. Painting Companies: Whatís Your Business Worth? hones in on the unique characteristics and considerations important to contractors who are looking to increase and maintain value in their businesses.

Highlights of this special report include:

  • A cogent explanation of the multiple characteristics and factors that determine the value of your painting company;
  • Six reasons to value your painting company;
  • A discussion of the industry and company-specific factors that affect the value of your painting company;
  • Five important questions you should be able to answer if you are getting your painting company ready to sell;
  • Words of wisdom regarding acquiring competitor;
  • A description of three important earnings measures appraisers and business brokers consider when valuing your business;
  • Resources to find business appraisers and brokers;
  • A discussion on how succession planning can help build value in your painting company

Table of Contents:

  • Introduction
  • For What Itís Worth: The Broad Strokes on Valuing Your Business
    By Brandon Jacob, CPA
  • 6 Reasons to Value Your Painting Business
    By Don Drysdale, CPA/ABV, ASA
  • Industry and Company-Specific Factors that Affect the Value of your Painting Contracting Company
    By Brian Bornino, CPA/ABV, CFA, CBA and Bob Biehl, CCIFP, CPA
  • Getting your Painting Contracting Business Ready to Sell: Can you Answer these Five Questions?
    By Dennis Mandell
  • Should you Acquire your Competitor?
    By Ted Garrison
  • How Much Can I Sell my Business for?
    By Adam Manson
  • Succession Planning Builds Painting Contractor Value
    By Loyd Rawls
Publisher: Business Valuation Resources, LLC
Published: June 2014
Type: PDF


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